The Chue Foundation 13th Annual General Meeting 2014
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Welcome to The Chue Foundation’s 13th Annual General Meeting for 2014, which will be held at the Carré du Lac, Bordeaux, France on Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th July 2014

The 13th AGM in France is representing the start of a new cycle and this new beginning is happening in Bordeaux, city of wine and good food.  Grand Master Chan would like to extend an heartfelt invitation for all Chue Foundation members, new and old, to join us to celebrate together. Grand Master Chan wishes to have everyone ‘under the same roof’, so we selected Le Village du Lac and its restaurant & venue Le Carré du Lac. It is within a 15 minute taxi journey from Bordeaux Airport and a 30 minute journey from Bordeaux Train station by tram! So, plan ahead and come along to show your appreciation and support for our Grand Master Chan, as he has supported you!

For your information:
Before the AGM France 2014, Grand Master Chan is delighted to offer a
Yin Feng Shui course in Cauterets, France from 17th – 23rd July 2014.

Ce Site en Français 

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