The 15th Chue Foundation Annual General Meeting 2016

We would like to welcome you to
The Chue Foundation’s 15th AGM which will be held in
Milan, Italy

Saturday 1st October - we start the week off with the “CHUE STYLE FENG SHUI, the way of change”. This is our public event that is being held in Milan, at UniCredit Pavilion. We have chosen to be in the “Greenhouse” area of the building, which is the highest section with natural light and great views.

Sunday 2nd October – we will have the 15th Chue Foundation AGM. This day is open to members only. In the evening, we will have our annual gala dinner. The venue will be announced shortly.

Monday 3rd October  - free day with options of either a city tour around Milan or a day trip to places like Lake Como. NEW

Tuesday 4th - will be a day off plus transfer to Val Trebbia in the afternoon.

5th – 7th October – we will be holding our Autumn Camp in Val Trebbia! For more information on the locality follow this link:

If you are a non English speaker, please use this link for translation (and change the setting from Italian to your language)